Sigma Research

Sigma Research didirikan oleh beberapa praktisi riset pemasaran dan akademisi sejak tahun 2008. Personal inti Sigma Research telah berpengalaman dalam survei-survei nasional instansi pemerintah, BUMN, perusahaan swasta lokal, dan universitas. Berawal mula sebagai research partner sejumlah market research agency dan juga konsultan nasional, Sigma Research dipercaya menjalankan riset pada berbagai industri, dari industri telekomunikasi, keuangan, semen, otomotif, instansi pemerintah, LSM/NGO Asing, hingga sosial kemasyarakatan. Kerja sama ini memperkaya kompetensi personal inti Sigma Research dan juga membangun inti perusahaan.

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AXIOO Notebook

AXIOO Notebook is an international company incorporated in Singapore as an innovative and a philosophical company. As an up and coming Branded Notebook Vendor, AXIOO develop, manufacture and market Reliable and High Quality Notebook and complementary products with Value Added Services to support customers in all market segments and walks of life. The ability to deliver the right solutions and needs of a Notebook and complementary products of AXIOO to our customers lies in the ability of AXIOOs channel model worldwide.

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Acacia House Preschool

Acacia House Preschool is a preschool for young children offering a holistic and nurturing environment. We located in Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta Barat. We are dedicated to helping children foster necessary skills such as creativity, independence, curiosity and critical thinking.  We offer an engaging, comprehensive curriculum that celebrates each and every child’s efforts as they take their first steps on a lifelong path of learning and growing.

PT. NL Industrial Indonesia

PT. NL Industrial Indonesia is the Indonesia office of Newlong Industrial Co., Ltd. of Japan. NLI is the plant maker which has fully contributed to the development of the packaging technology since its establishment in 1941. It has developed the packaging system needed for the various manufactured goods including foods, daily necessaries, fertilizers, chemicals and semiconductor wafer, thus supporting all the Japanese industries through "Packing".

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Piero Indonesia

PIERO is a brand that was created for the dynamic urban generation which is why we never stop coming up with new innovations in footwear designs and technologies. This web project is a redesign project. We build the new website with parallax scrolling.

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Yofie Setiawan

My name is Yofie, I manage a solid team of web designers and web developers based in Jakarta, Indonesia. We are experts in building websites with Joomla CMS and are able to build websites using Responsive Web Design technology. If you are interested in hiring us for a project, Contact Us!