Firefox 4.0 Launch Party Roadshow at Indonesia

Finally i can blog again now, i had some problems with text editor at my web before. Thank God it solved now. And the first thing i wanna share now is about my greatest experience when i getting involved in the Firefox 4.0 Launch Party Roadshow at Indonesia. We've been preparing this since few months before, Viking Karwur as Firefox Indonesia Community Leader help to coordinate the event with many local communities.

Yahoo Messenger for iPad

If you have an iPhone, and an iPad, then you must be wondered few times ago. Why there is no Yahoo Messenger for iPad? Then you did tried to use the iPhone version of YM to your iPad, and scaled it to 2x, and it/s amazingly looks ugly. But don't worry, now the Yahoo Messenger also available for the iPad version. Grab it now, and try the voice and video calls!

Firefox 4 Jakarta Launch Party

As we already know that Mozilla now already launch the Firefox 4, which very much better than the previous Firefox version. It is faster, lighter, but not thinner like iPad2 haha... But it has better user interface and experience. And regarding to this big event, we are planning to have a super fun Launch Party here at Jakarta.

13 inch Macbook Pro with Samsung BX1931N

When i first bought Macbook Pro, i choose the 13 inch one, in the matter of handy, light, and easier to carry around. And what i plan back then was to have a big external monitor for home use. Unfortunately when i bought the Samsung BX1931N which is 18.5 inch and have the resolution of 1366x768, and when i try to hook it with Macbook Pro, it goes to lower quality of display. This monitor show better display when i hook it up with my Toshiba which use Windows 7.

Macbook Pro With Thunderbolt First Unboxing

Well, i'm not really sure, but i might be the one who did the first unboxing of New Macbook Pro with Thunderbolt, at least in Jakarta. I've been waiting for few months for this. I can just go buy Macbook Pro from months ago, but since i heard the rumor of New Macbook Pro might coming in nearly days, i hold my self.

New Macbook Pro 2011, This Will Be My First Mac

I'm so excited to have this new Macbook Pro. I've been waiting for months now for Apple to release this products lineup. Even some rumors are not true, especially about the Liquid Metal, i'm still excited to have this product as my first Mac ever. I already have iPod Touch 4, iPhone 4, and iPad, but i'm sure Macbook would be much more different and much more useful for me.

Create Online Name Card with AboutMe

I believe it's 2011 already, and we have an issue with the global warming. Which means we have to learn to reduce the paper use, as one example. And now, instead of printing your name card, you can try to create an digital/online namecard. Here in you don't have to put too many information about your self.

Goodbye Cable! Now I'm Printing With Wireless Printer!

Somehow i had a trouble with my old printer, the Epson (something). I had brought it several times to Mangga Dua to recover the Epson because it's not working well. I think the problem is because i don't use it in a long time already, i haven't print anything for (maybe) 2 months. And since it is an infused printer, so i did it in a wrong way. Then i can't take anymore, i came and realize that i need another printer.

Can I Now Be Called A Fanboy?

I don't imagine that i could own an iPad in this nearly days, i think of wait for the second generation to come out early next year. But i just can hold my breathe to get this marvelous stuff, at least that is how Steve Jobs says about this iPad. I've wondered for a long time, like watching from far away for this iPad, read the news about it, watch the video podcast, read the reviews on magazines.

Remove Me From Your Facebook If I'm Not Your Friend

I certainly agree since i saw that my friends on facebook now have more than one thousand friends. And William seems so right, when you have a problem like, "hey i want to move my house this sunday, i need help" Who will reply this and help you for sure? They are who replying you and do help you would certainly your friends, except they want to help but have something else more important to do.

Joomla User Group Indonesia October 2010 Meetup

On October 17,2010, Indonesia Joomla User Group had a meetup at Jali Cafe, Plaza Semanggi, Jakarta, Indonesia. At this moment Andra Yogi from ThemeWarrior comes together with another admin like Ajiandi, Alif, and Khantry. Most of Joomla Users here sharing their ideas and opinions, related to Joomla. Ajiandi as the admin of the Indonesia Joomla User Group (id-joomla) clarified that we will have more solid Joomla community in future, it because we are planning many big things (which can't say it yet).

Windows 7 Phone Ads Commercial Video

Windows 7 Phone akhirnya memulai kegiatan promosi nya, salah satunya dengan ads commercial video yang di share lewat Youtube. Menarik melihat bagaimana Windows secara jujur membuka mata kita tentang masalah besar yang kita hadapi dewasa ini. Iklan ini menampilkan ide nya dengan unik dan saya kira berhasil menampilkan tagline "Be here now". Well saya bisa bilang creative person yang membuat iklan ini yang berhasil.