Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Please read our Terms of Service before working together with us.

  1. In our quotation, usually we already included domain and hosting in our web maintenance service as a package. Either use this domain and hosting or not, it doesn't affect the price we are offering in quotation.
  2. We encourage you to use our hosting service, to make us easier in maintaining your website. It will be much faster for us to do troubleshoots when your website face problems.
  3. We start working on project only after we received down payment from you.
  4. We don't accept pitching request, however in certain cases, such as if you feel your brand is strong and popular enough, we can consider to do pitching.
  5. We can make project done in less than a month, but usually what makes the project take long to finish, is our client response, and not well preparing the supporting materials and contents.
  6. It's important for you to have a clear and solid sitemap from start.
  7. If you are not using our hosting, we are not responsible for any problems that happened to your website. However we will try to help as far as we can.
  8. We are not anymore offering our service without web maintenance package.
  9. You need at least use 1 year of our web maintenance service.
  10. In the next year, if you are not interested to renew web maintenance service, it's okay to stop. However we are not anymore assisting you with your website.


Yofie Setiawan

My name is Yofie, I manage a solid team of web designers and web developers based in Jakarta, Indonesia. We are experts in building websites with Joomla CMS and are able to build websites using Responsive Web Design technology. If you are interested in hiring us for a project, Contact Us!

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