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Have a lot of book collections could be awful when you don't have a proper storage. I like to build custom furniture with wood. I just got my new book storage for my room. I use it not only for book storage, but also other needs. I designed it with no cover on the back, just in case in future i might need it to become as partition, so i can put books on both sides.

1. I bought some items when travelling abroad, nice memories...

2. Where i put books. Of course this space only fit the small and medium size of books. Add a plastic green plant for nice look.

3. Xbox 360, Kassett Box with lid, bought from IKEA at Singapore.

4. Place to put easy to grab items, such as magazines, or iPad. I actually can fit the Xbox in here also.

5. 21" LG Monitor for Xbox gaming, Apple TV, etc...

6. I have lot of magazines. I put old magazines to other storage on another room. But for new magazines, or magazines that i still need to read, i will put it here, for easier access.

7. HOLMÖ Floor Lamp, bought from IKEA at Singapore.

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